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Draw a 3D roof framing layout quickly and easily in AutoCAD 2000-2016

3D-Framer, Roof Framing Generator for AutoCAD -- Metric Units3D-Framer, Roof Framing Generator for AutoCAD Metric Units, is a roof framing generator for AutoCAD, suitable for architects, builders and carpenters, who need to see how framing will look beforehand. All that's needed is a 3D roof model to start working. 3D-Framer, Roof Framing Generator for AutoCAD is simple to learn and quick to use. By selecting points you first define the gable and roof opening boundaries with a polyline, then just specify nominal lumber size in inches and define rafter spacing. Upon selection of boundaries you get the framing drawn.
This is the Metric Units version. Imperial Units version also available.

Key Features

  • Automatic 1/2" off for actual dressed lumber size.
  • Allows for the selection of a framing starting point.
  • Ridges, fascias, hip rafters, end rafters and dormers can also be drawn.
  • All elements are polylines with their own height and width suitable for Hide or Render.
  • Each element has its unique layer.
  • Tutorial model file is included. Use this file as a template for your own model.
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