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Artlantis Render 7, Additional Network License

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Artlantis Render 7Artlantis Render: Create High-Quality Real-Time Still Images585575Add to Cart Product 2967
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Additional(s) network licence(s) for Artlantis Render 6.5 users with network license(s)

Artlantis Render 7 -- Additional Network LicenseArtlantis Render 7 Additional Network License is a stand-alone 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high resolution 3D renderings. A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis Render 7 is the rendering software used by architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries.
Artlantis Render 7 interfaces directly with ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, SketchUp Pro, and Arc+. With the addition of the DWF, OBJ and FBX import formats and updated DXF, DWG and 3ds Max plug-ins, Artlantis seamlessly interacts with all the leading CAD software as well.

What's New in this Version

A redesigned interface, an integrated media store and optimized functions !
Times change, hardware evolves, and the Artlantis Render 7 interface has changed, too. To take advantage of the benefits a wider screen has to offer, the Artlantis Render 7 interface has been completely redesigned. Artlantis Render 7 optimizes the project's display, and offers an even larger preview size. Artlantis Render 7 makes it easier and more comfortable than ever to work on your projects: Artlantis Render 7's interface is based on a single clear window, adjustable and easy-to-use. With its inspectors grouped at the top of the screen, the working window is more readable - displaying on the fly or permanently, depending on your preference, the lists on the left and catalog at the bottom of the screen. As a result, the number of clicks needed to access the desired feature has been considerably reduced. To meet your own needs and work habits, Artlantis Render 7 offers a new option to filter the list to optimize the content.
Artlantis Render 7 offers new features to your perspectives: each point of view now has its own infinite ground with altitude and material, as well as background and foreground images. Handling, re-sizing and adjusting backgrounds and foregrounds is easier than ever in this new version. Artlantis Render 7 also introduces a new function particularly useful for high vertical projects: the Architect camera. This option displays the project in two vanishing points only to obtain real verticals. Finally, Artlantis Render 7 offers better visibility of your project in the 2D view thanks to a sectional cut at the height of the camera and the display of textures.
Using the new media catalog is fast and efficient. Its organization into categories (icons) and subcategories (titles) allows you to choose in mere seconds the right media for your project. For better use of your workspace, the catalog window can be moved independently on your second screen if you use one. Taking advantage of the new catalog, Artlantis Render 7 includes new shaders. Some are optimized with additional parameters like relief mapping to better simulate the depths of surfaces. In addition, non-repetitive tiling shaders and multi-texture natural shaders simulate natural surfaces like ground, grass, and water.
The Artlantis revolution would not be complete without the InApp Media Store offering more than 5,000 objects and shaders of all kinds for purchase. Enrich your catalog at any time by logging in and downloading new media that are automatically placed in the correct categories and subcategories of your catalog. Artlantis Render 7 includes a media converter application. Users of previous versions can convert their own library or previously purchased Artlantis Media CDs.
Preview Controller
Handling shaders or simple textures in the preview or in the 2D window is easy. A preview controller allows you to move, resize, and rotate shaders and textures. A simple keyboard shortcut is all it takes to snap a shader or texture to the geometry automatically. Just like shaders and textures, objects are handled with the same ease in the preview or in the 2D view. Rotate, move, resize or duplicate … everything is optimized! The objects can also be snapped onto edges.
If you want to edit lights in the 2D view or in the preview, with the the new 'vertical guides' in Artlantis Render 7, lighting can be edited quickly and easily in both windows. You can position the direction and fall-off of a single light or of a selection of lights right in the 3D space. Last but not least, Artlantis Render 7 simulates the volumetric effect of a light by adding a cone of light at each spot in your scene.
Starting with Artlantis Render 7, the manual heliodon can be set easier than ever by adjusting the angles for zenith and azimuth right in the Inspector. Like the lights, the volumetric effect of the rays of light, or 'God rays', can be added in post-process in the heliodon settings. To give you greater freedom in image reprocessing, these effects are recorded in specific layers when exporting in PSD. Image Size
iVisit 3D
In addition to panoramas, Artlantis Render 7 and iVisit 3D allow you to create VR Objects. The iVisit 3D Player has been upgraded to open up new horizons in creativity. The display quality of iVisit 3D panoramas and VR Objects is better than ever -- whether you're viewing on a website or on a mobile device. For unlimited sharing, a new Android application is now available on Google Play, in addition to that from the AppStore. To improve your experience using multi-node panoramas, iVisit 3D now offers two navigation methods: 1) keep the point of view of the direction you're moving in, or 2) choose the default view of each node. The navigation thumbnails precisely represent each point of view. Setting your iVisit 3D panoramas, you can now navigate between the nodes directly in the preview.
The Timeline has been optimized to ensure precise control of all events and movements associated with your animations. Each animated parameter is now presented as a track and as a hierarchical list. With magnetic guides, the key frame will snap automatically and graphically, ensuring a fluid connection and simplified synchronization of sequences.
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