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SpaceMouse Wireless Kit: The Mobile CAD Solution
SpaceMouse Wireless KitMobility, Flexibility and Reliability: This is what modern engineers expect from their workstations. 3Dconnexion has developed the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit to allow you to work on CAD projects with no loss of performance even while you are on the move. It is a complete wireless solution containing everything you need for an efficient two-handed workflow: The SpaceMouse Wireless for the left hand and the CadMouse Wireless for the right, a compact mouse pad and the high-performance 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver for a wireless 2.4 GHz connection up to five wireless 3Dconnexion devices.

Included in the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit:

Features and Benefits

Navigate and position your 3D models intuitively and select the right views with the SpaceMouse Wireless in your left hand. Precisely and effortlessly, thanks to the patented Six-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor from 3Dconnexion.
With the CadMouse Wireless in the right hand, you edit your 3D model using CAD specific features like the dedicated middle mouse button, a smart mouse wheel and the 3Dconnexion QuickZoom. It provides effortless precision due to its optimized 7.200 dpi optical sensor. You can work up to 2 months without charging (2-month battery life based on 8 hours per day, 5 days per week)and easily connect via Universal Receiver, Bluetooth or USB-cable.
The CadMouse Pad Compact ensures maximum control and smooth, precise mouse movements. It is big enough for demanding projects but so compact that you can take it with you no matter where you are working.
How to connect multiple wireless devices to your workstation without blocking all the ports? It is easy with the 3DconnexionUniversal Receiver . The mini-receiver operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and needs a single USB port to connect up to 5 wireless 3Dconnexion devices to your computer.
Mobile working involves frequent changes of location. While travelling, it is essential to protect your devices. For this reason, 3Dconnexiondelivers the CadMouse Wireless and theSpaceMouse Wireless with a compact and lightweight carry case.
3DxWare 10is the all-in-one driver for all 3Dconnexion devices. Its simple yet powerful user interface allows you to customise and optimise your SpaceMouse Wireless Kit to your work style, for each separate application and environment.
With the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit, you receive a complete wireless solution for your mobile workstation. It meets the requirements that are exactly what engineers and designers working with 3D and CAD applications need. Uncompromising, reliable, professional.

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