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3D PDF Converter for Revit
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3D PDF Converter for Revit


Share Revit Visualizations

3D PDF Converter for Revit 1-Year Rental is an integrated software working within the Revit environment that enables users to publish rich, interactive, 3D PDF files that are up to 97% smaller than the original Revit 3D models.
3D PDF Converter for Revit connects the extensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) community for the first time with a Revit plug-in that supports data sharing using 3D PDF based on the PRC file format. The software uses the Adobe 3D Technology as a one button file conversion that is easily exchangeable and viewed with the free Adobe Reader.
General Usage
  • Enable on-site markups, redlines, markups, comments, and design changes
  • Communicate digitally between the design team and construction management onsite
  • Rapid access to any needed paper-less based plans
  • Tracking and archiving all comments, markups, changes, and approvals using built-in tools means faster communication now and better understanding of why and how changes occurred
Share Revit Visualizations
3D PDF Converter for Revit is the fastest way to get fully navigable 3D visualizations into a PDF doc and into the hands of reviewers.
Securing files with PDFs
Use PDF publishing to lock files and protect your proprietary data.
Ease of Use
No need to learn a whole new set of conventions. 3D PDF Converter for Revit's simple PDF export needs no learning time so you'll be creating 3D PDFs in moments.
Customized Templates & Branding
Make your mark with industry-specific customizable templates, complete with your company's logo. Great for sales PDFs or review visualizations.
Free Adobe Reader
Creating 3D PDFs of your Revit designs allows you to share all your design and construction data with anyone, anywhere with the free Adobe Reader, enabling everyone on the extended team to participate in the building information modeling process (BIM), without the need to own expensive CAD software or proprietary viewers.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of 3D PDF Converter for Revit — 1-Year Rental requires Revit 2014, 2015.