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RealFlow 2013
Standard License

Fluid and Dynamics Simulation for Visual Effects

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Product Description

RealFlow 2013 -- Standard LicenseRealFlow 2013 Standard License is the definitive tool for creating flawless large- and small-scale fluid and dynamics simulations straight out of the box.

Key Features

For large-scale simulations, such as floods or oceans with breaking waves, RealFlow 2013 Standard License's cutting-edge hybrid grid/particle solver, Hybrido, provides you with endless possibilities. RealFlow 2013 Standard License calculates the conditions for splash, foam and mist formation, and automatically creates these particles. These secondary particles can even be simulated as a post process in a network using RealFlow Nodes. With this advanced feature you are able to generate millions of particles, utilizing the full CPU power of your renderfarm or network machines.
RealFlow 2013 Standard License's SPH (Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics) solver is ideally suited for highly-detailed fluid simulations with tiny splashes and turbulent surfaces. Particles are generated by emitters and their total amount represents the fluid. Each particle can be seen as a point in 3D space with certain properties, like velocity, position or mass.
RealWave is a powerful simulation toolset for small to medium ocean surfaces. It is ideal if you want to simulate a surface ocean quickly and effectively. The idea behind RealWave is the displacement of a mesh’s vertices to achieve certain wave forms and structures.
The latest version of RealFlow 2013 Standard License gives you an unprecedented level of realism, with the power to control and customize every aspect of your scene to get exactly what you want.
Ease of Use
RealFlow 2013 Standard License is quick and easy to incorporate into your workflow. An inbuilt help system takes you step-by-step through scene setup to completion. And of course, Next Limit's rapid, personalized technical support and access to the official RealFlow 2013 Standard License forum means you never need to wait for an answer.
The Complete Package
RealFlow 2013 Standard License isn't just a fluid simulation tool – it also includes the ground-breaking Caronte, an accurate, reliable dynamics solver that can handle thousands of objects. With every standard license, you get a free RealFlow RenderKit license, which greatly facilitates and accelerates the rendering process. RealFlow 2013 Standard License also comes with free plug-ins to all major 3D platforms, as well as a wealth of free resources, tutorials, and a year of free technical support and maintenance.

The latest patch contains the following:
  • OpenVDB support for Hybrido2
  • Alembic support for Cameras
  • Alembic Stitcher tool via GUI
  • Maxwell Render previews support for IBL lighting
  • 70+ new Graph nodes added
  • New demo scenes added
  • 60+ bug fixes
Standard License

Node License

Learning Edition

Included FeaturesLicenseNodeLearning
Hybrido, Hybrid large dimension liquid solver
Caronte, Body Dynamics Solver
Support & 1 Year Maintenance
Free upgrades to new versions
Customer Downlaod Area
Plug-ins for 3D Platforms
Technical Support
Unlimited Particle Count
Unlimited Domain Resolution
Internal Plug-Ins
XML Import/Exports
Command Line
Includes RenderKit License

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