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thinkingParticles 6.2
1 Year Subscription License
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Cebas Visual TechnologyCebas Visual TechnologythinkingParticles 6.2 - 1 Year Subscription LicensethinkingParticles 6.2 - 1 Year Subscription LicenseMassive procedural dynamics effects system for 3ds MaxBID-147-4826619.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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thinkingParticles 6.2
1 Year Subscription License

Massive procedural dynamics effects system for 3ds Max

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thinkingParticles 6.2 -- 1 Year Subscription LicensethinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License is the next generation rule based particle system for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design, offering unparalleled power to the user. thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License in its latest incarnation redefines Fluid, Rigid Body and Particle F/X simulation in a whole new way.
thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License offers its particle system functionality through a kind of programming approach. However, unlike programming, you won't have to write a single line of code! A powerful visual "Wire Setup Interface" enables any 3ds Max artist to define the rules and conditions that control the particle behavior. Because it is a "program" that controls the particles and their behavior, you will find that there is no limit to what you can do! Nearly every particle effect can be created or controlled through a set of operators and conditions.
The difference between event-driven particles and rule-based particles can be summed up quite simply. An event-driven particle system usually works, based on "triggers" or events that must happen to activate an effect. This implies some kind of key frame related effects while thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License is totally independent of any timing and key framing!
thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License offers true Non Linear Animation technology. Rules and conditions control the particle effects, and not timers or events, that happen at certain key frames in an animation. A particle system created with thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License will always work, regardless of the timing or number of frames that may change in an animation.

New In This Version

In thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License, the upgraded physics solver will act as the multi-physics integrated solution driving all future versions of thinkingParticles. For the first time, thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License comes programmed with a dedicated Fluid Simulation System, empowering the creation of evermore realistic and diverse on-screen fluid effects.
Fumes & Smoke
Subscription Drop 2 is the hottest free upgrade for all subscription users. How much hotter than fire and smoke can it get? For the first time in the journey of thinkingParticles, we have an advanced smoke fluid solver inclusive as a standard. Now, you can have it all togather : water, smoke and fire.
Sifting Fumes
thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License uses a pure particle-based approach without any of the restrictions usually found with the regular grid-based systems.
Smoke Interaction
Proper, physically accurate smoke-rigid body interaction is only one of the many strengths of this new smoke fluid dynamic solver. Hot smoke fluid propels a rigid body based on heat expansion and the speed of the fluid hitting an object.
The Rotor Wash
Every smoke fluid solver on this planet has to have its rotor wash epiphany. So does thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License! Such effects becomes an absolute breeze to do with our latest Subscription Drop 2. And minus the burden of a regular grid-based system.
Hot and Cold
The latest smoke fluid solver in thinkingParticles 6.2 1 Year Subscription License is able to simulate a broad range of effects; all based on physically accurate parameters. VFX operators for you to heat or cool down 'gas fluids' and even have its physics respond to its simulated environment. All this in a fully procedural way.
Particle Rendering
3ds Max does not offer direct particle rendering out of the box. Other tools are overly complex and need the learning of some exporting and conversion routines. Subscription Drop 2 offers you an easier and better option instantly available to Subscribers. Now, direct point rendering is possible.
Camera Map Memory
Turn back time, skip time or even go back in time - all this is at your fingertips with this latest feature addition to our Camera Map operator. Greater visual impact with each particle imprint!
volumeBreaker (Enhanced)
The volumeBreak Node has been enhanced a lot! Now, automatic tesselation can be activated in a fully procedural way including proper re-mapping. Even when broken off parts are displaced the total volume of the body is unchanged. Pieces still fit perfectly even with high tesselation values.
Curve2D (Enhanced)
With this new Helper, artists gets full steering in defining a curve to control an output value. There are two methods to use this new Helper Node. It can either be used directly, by wiring it to other Nodes; or it can be configured in a 'Satellite' mode.
ValueToValue (Enhanced)
This new helper Node is used to define a curve to control an output value. It allows for detailed control of it's input and output range which are mapped to the curve.
Shape Position (Enhanced)
This Helper Node allows you to query a Shape (spline) object. For any given length, for example, its 3D position on a spline, can be the queried output.
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