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Vectorworks Architect 2014
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Vectorworks Architect 2014

Architectural CAD for the smart-sized company

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Product Description

Vectorworks Architect 2014Engineered to meet the specific needs of smart-sized companies, Vectorworks Architect 2014 has everything you need to streamline the design and production process. From project setup to programming, schematic design development and construction documents - Vectorworks Architect 2014 lets you work faster and smarter with fewer errors. That's why top architects around the world rely on Vectorworks Architect 2014 to create and present their designs. At a fraction of the cost of other CAD programs, Vectorworks Architect 2014 can take your designs to places you never thought they could go.

Features and benefits

New Dimensional Constraint Manager
Make life easier with very reliable parametric constraints. You can interactively make edits to your model or your views and have the changes automatically reflected.
Interactive Dimension Editing
You can directly edit geometry using a dimension's length on the documents drawing area.
Improved Drawing Coordination
Users will enjoy automatic management of reference information, linking sheet numbers, drawing numbers on drawing borders, and reference markers.
New Unified 2D/3D Environment
Vectorworks has a new "unified view" that makes it an ideal 3D modeling environment. Whether you're working in 2D or 3D it allows you to accurately draft or model on the correct working plane.
New Planar Graphics
2D objects can occupy the "screen plane" as they do now or use the "planar space" in the unified coordinate system.
Improved 3D Snapping
With the 3D cursor, you can reliably acquire your snaps so it's easy to select, modify, and align your objects in 3D.
New Stair Object
A new comprehensive stair tool has been added to Vectorworks Architect that provides you with more flexible configuration options, and improved performance and reliability.
Wall Sculpting
Our new wall sculpting capabilities allow you to create custom shapes and components in walls while maintaining the wall intelligence and behaviors.
New Select Similar Tool
The new "select similar" tool enables you to do in one click what you previously did in many. You can select all similar objects, based on any combination of 27 criteria, regardless of layer or class, define saved settings, and save, load, or delete your selection settings.
Improved Wall Networks
The Dimensional Constraint Manager (DCM) from Siemens PLM is a significant improvement in this version, especially in 2D. This means more robust and reliable wall networks and connections that work exactly the way you want.
Improved Texture Mapping Controls
You'll enjoy this easy-to-use 2D and 3D texture-mapping interface. We've merged intuitive mapping controls into a single dialog interface.
New Decal Texturing
Since you can now apply multiple textures onto a single object, it's simple to visualize signage, labeling, and custom decal or material renderings.
HDRI Content
New HDRI Backgrounds including exterior, interior, and studio backgrounds.
New Blur Reflectivity Shaders
You can now add a blur factor to reflectivity shaders such as simple glass, accurate glass, mirror, and metal. With these shaders, renderings of reflected shadows will be so realistic, you might have to pinch them.
  • Revolutionary Drawing Organization Features
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Integrating Information and Design
  • Over 60 FREE Libraries
  • Space Planning
  • Workgroup Referencing
  • Wall Types
  • FREE Framing Module
  • Grid Bubble Tool
  • Create Seating Layout Command
  • Notes Management
  • Redline Suite
  • Issue Manager
  • HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Suites
  • Energy Analysis and Solar Animation
  • Site Design
  • Integrated Design Environment
  • Sophisticated 2D Drafting
  • Powerful 3D Modeling
  • NURBS Modeler
  • Polygonal Solid Modeler
  • 3D Reshape Capabilities
  • Loft Surface Tools
  • Shell Solid Tool
  • Surface Filleting
  • IGES Import/Export
  • STL Export
  • Easy Integrated Database and Spreadsheet Functions
  • Intelligent Object Technology
  • Completely Customizable
  • Word Processing Features for Easy Text Editing in Drawings
  • Quick Learning Curve
  • Workgroup Referencing
  • High-end Presentation
  • Adobe PDF import and export support, including batch export
  • Support for Google Earth’s KML files (export)
  • Fully support SpaceNavigator SE and SpaceNavigator 3DX for Notebooks

Support & Maintenance

Vectorworks Architect 2014 includes 12 months FREE technical support directly from Vectorworks. Nemetschek Technical Support is available to all registered users by fax, by e-mail and by phone from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.

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